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"Every Girl in the World Oughtta Be Daddy's girl
but the World Isn't Open to Reason"

"Fool for All" by Daryl Erentzen

(used by permission)

Resources for Hope and Healing

Below are a number of resources that offer a wealth of information and inspiration for adult survivors of child sexual abuse. No survivor need struggle alone. Help is available and healing IS possible. Really, it is! Cool


HeartThe Courage to Heal --Ellen Bass and Laura Davis. One of the very best books ever written for survivors of incest and child sexual abuse. A MUST HAVE for every survivor

HeartJohn Bradshaw: On the Family--John Bradshaw. Explores the dynamics in dysfunctional families with a focus on how these patterns lead to issues of sexual abuse, domestic violence, etc. EXCELLENT

HeartHealing the Shane the Binds You--John Bradshaw. Discusses the shane cycle that survivors so frequently get trapped in and offers ways to free ourselves. GOOD STUFF!

HeartBeauty For Ashes--Joyce Meyer--Discusses her history as an incest survivor and how she  finally made peace with her past. INSPIRING!

HeartThe Sexual Healing Journey-- Wendy Maltz. I love this book! Gives very practical information about the impact of child sexual abuse on adult relationships. It's been incredibly valuable to me. Also provides information for partners of survivors helping them understand the issues all survivors face. A MUST HAVE for every survivor

HeartA Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard--see Book Reviews for a description of this book. It's incredible.

Knowing God, Knowing Myself-- Cecil Murphey. This inspirational book contains many shirt stories of overcoming obstacles while fostering a deeper faith in God and ourselves. 

Mothers Who Can't Love--- Susan Forward. -- This is a MUST READ for every survivor who does not have the validation and support of their mothers. Dr. Forward's book spoke volumes to me. It will help you too!  

Help for the Hard Times is just a phone call away. See page on Help for the Hard Times. 

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