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"Fool for All" by Daryl Erentzen

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Sunday, May 20, 2018


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People Are Talking About "Reaching for the Light"

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As a fellow incest survivor that has read many self-help books on the subject, I can honesty vouch that Reaching for the Light by J C Christian is a becon of light in the dark to those of us who are willing to look upon the subject of incest in the role we have been handed as survivors of the most heinous crime. With eyes wide open, J C bravely and unflinchingly stares the ugliness and secrecy of incest straight in the face and calls it out for what it is, A Henious Crime perpetrated on the trusting innocent who will then be forced to deal with the pain for the rest of our lives. That is the painful truth, however, J C offers the very real possiblity of Light at the end of the tunnel. Through several therapists J C came to understand and then attempted to deal with the crime perpetrated on her in childhood but followed her into adulthood as it does all of us. She faced the fact that instead of parental support, many of us are left to our own devices to try to heal or just survive, just as she was. In writng Reaching for the Light, J C tells her heartwrenching story with Truth and Clarity in a way that makes me realize she is one of the bravest people I've been blessed to meet so far in this life. Instead of hiding her abuse and "Letting it go" as many of us are admonished by those who cannot handle our painful stories, she writes Reaching for the Light in the hope that it will help others to understand that we are not alone, and if we would all bravely join our collective voices together, tell the truth, and educate, perhaps we might one day together put a stop the pain.

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"A beautifully written true story of survivorship, "Reaching for the Light" takes the reader on a journey through the horrendous acts of a sexual predator and the betrayal of those who failed to protect a little girl. The author's use of words transports the reader into her world so vividly you can hear the floors creak and smell the smoke from the fire.  A true page turner, you won't want to close the book until you've reached the final ending."
Sue, Amazon reader

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"This true story wrenched such raw emotions from me. JC's story serves as a beacon of hope for others. Not just for those who have lived through similar battles , but for anyone that has ever been beaten down emotionally, physically, or mentally. Through years of therapy she became whole again. She survived, she overcame, and she triumphed. Tears of happiness for her made my heart swell.
I only hope many more people read her story and overcome their own scars.

Cris, Survivor
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