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"Every Girl in the World Oughtta Be Daddy's girl
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"Fool for All" by Daryl Erentzen

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Survivivors of Narcisstic Mothers -- You Deserve to Heal --WATCH THIS VIDEO!

I recently discovered this video On YOU TUBE. It's so powerful on the healing of children raised by narcissistic mothers.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Survivor's Rights

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Note: Virgina Satir is an internationally recognized marriage and family therapist.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Incest Survivors United Voices of America

This recently came across my Facebook page. With the author's permission, I am delighted to share this. Enjoy!

We can never understand why someone we love or who once loved us would turn our childhood abuse against us. It does happen when a relationships goes bad or when someone is trying to protect our abusers. Any person that has intimidate knowledge with a survivor of child abuse knows how vulnerable our emotions are and can manipulate those feelings which can cause triggers and traumas to cause pain.

As long as society sees survivors of childhood emotional, physical and sexual abuse as outcasts we will always struggle in getting people to understand the problems survivors face daily. Anyone who does not know or understand what the emotional, physical and sexual abuse does to a child or to the adult survivor will make negative comments that invalids the survivor’s story. Some survivors are doubted on whether the abuse truly happened or if”we” in some way caused our abuse. Thus the adult survivor is re-victimized by the negative comments or doubted by individuals around us.

Whether the re-victimization comes from our families, spouses, friends or society in general denying that the abuse happened to us it still invalidates our stories. For many survivors reporting the abuse or sharing our stories is TOO risky. The thought of losing the people that are important to us out weighs exposing our abusers. Sometimes reliving the memories, emotions, triggers and traumas will prevent a survivor from coming forward about our abuse.

Survivors of child abuse that do decide to report the abuse face being scrutinized at every level of our lives and community. Many of us survivors will lose our families and friends. Sometimes a spouse, an intimate partner or friend will use our past to make our families or other friends think that we are bad people. Sometimes we lose contact with our children, other immediate family members or friends without any explanation as to why “they” no longer stay in contact with us. Other family members may put the blame for the abuse on the survivor to protect the abuser(s) or the family.

It shouldn’t take allegations of sexual abuse or other misconduct against individuals of higher office for survivors of child abuse to be believed or heard when we report our abuse. There is something terribly wrong when the victims of child abuse are doubted and ostracized while our abusers go unpunished for their crimes against us.

The epidemic of child sexual abuse, sexual trafficking and sexual misconduct are embedded so deep into the societies of the world. There has to be a world wide effort to educate people and to put together task forces to stop the crimes being done to our children and female or male adults.

Harold Glen Hull
CSM, USA (Ret)
Incest Survivors United Voices of America
It was ME Campaign
Quest for Survival