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"Every Girl in the World Oughtta Be Daddy's girl
but the World Isn't Open to Reason"

"Fool for All" by Daryl Erentzen

(used by permission)

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Excerpt from Searching the Light Together: Incest Survivors and the Challenge of Relationships

For people of suffering, the search for God is synonymous with the quest for justice. If there is a God, then his eyes are always upon the suffering of his children, figurative or literal. And a righteous consequence for those who bring suffering upon others. Yet too often justice eludes.
J.C. reminds me the events of history are the outcome of the variety of human choices, for good and for evil. There is undoubtable truth in that, but is that all we have?  Are we merely subjects of history, confined to the limitations of humanity in the glory of all its brokenness? If the miracle of healing comes only in certain arbitrary cases then it seems we are only alone, that God is nowhere to be found, that we are but victims of the events of history. 

J.C. has come to tell us another story.

J.C.’s story, like that of the long-suffering woman, is a story of great healing power, a story of the divine presence within reach, something important about to pass by, something we desperately seek and dare not miss. This is God, however we define him, in the person of Jesus or in the miracle of healing. This is the answer to the constant question of all who know the meaning of long suffering.

Where is God?

What if he is within our reach, if we but dare to stretch out our hand?

Sunday, November 10, 2019